Fulfillment items

Clermont Mobile Notary is able to notarize your documents with the convenience of a date and time to fit your schedule all at your location. 

Notary Public items we can fulfill

  • Notary Public can notarize documents that have been prepared by legal counsel, local, state, or federal government.
  • Acknowledgment, the signer must personally appear before you at the time of notarization to be positively identified and to declare — or “acknowledge” — that the signature on the document is their own and that they signed willingly.
  • Administer an oath or affirmation orally, rather than as part of a jurat, affidavit or other written document. The purpose of administering a verbal oath or affirmation is, again, to compel a client to truthfulness.
  • Copy certification confirms that a reproduction of an original document is a full, true, and accurate transcription or reproduction of the original. Documents requiring copy certification may include: diplomas, driver’s licenses, leases, contracts, vehicle titles, Social Security cards, medical records and bills of sale.
  • Jurat, the signer must personally appear before you and sign the document in your presence. You must then administer an oath or affirmation and have the signer speak aloud his or her promise that the statements in the document are true. The choice between an oath or affirmation should be made by the signer.
  • Signature witnessing, with this notarial act, you certify that the individual appearing before you is who he or she claims to be, and the signature on the record is the signature of the individual before you. The main difference between a signature witnessing and an acknowledgment is that you witness the document being signed. The main difference between a signature witnessing and a jurat, affidavit, or verification upon oath or affirmation is that, with a signature witnessing, you do not administer an oath.
  • Notary Public has the Right To Refuse A Notarization based on State laws for the document or signer.

Notary public items we are unable to fulfill

  • Assist with completing document to be notarized.  You must have a family member, friend, co-worker or another person complete the document.  SAVE THE SIGNATURE LINE AND DATE TO BE COMPLETED WITH THE NOTARY PRESENT.
  • Draft legal documents
  • Giving legal advice
  • Notarizing blank documents, documents with blank spaces and documents without notarial wording
  • Notarizing by proxy — You cannot give your notarial authority to another individual to notarize documents in your absence.
  • Notarizing rubber stamped signatures — You cannot take the acknowledgment of a rubber stamped signature. All signatures must be recognizable to you as original, handwritten signatures.
  • Use notary seal or official title to endorse a product, contest or individual in advertising
  • We are not attorneys or lawyers
  • We are not part of Clermont County Law or Government offices.